Use Google for your Peer 2 Peer searches. 1

You can use google for your p2p searches. Use the following search string to look for any media files.

intitle:”index.of” (mp3) titanic -html -php -asp -cf -jsp

mp3 refers to the media you want as in a extension. You can also use other formats in the following fashion (mp3|avi|mpg)

titanic refers to the name of the media file. You can also give long names separated by a “.” eg:- will return sites which has My hear will go on. The “.” replaces a space . or a _ like a wild char.

-html -php -asp -cf -jsp indicates that do not list a .html or .php or other pagers.

Watch the video below for detailed explanation.


Update: To avoid typing all the “codes” use this site to do the same for u, useful for doing mp3 searches.

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  1. Reply Subin Mar 18,2008 11:46 am

    Man, this is so nice. And a valuable piece of information to me 🙂
    Thanks / Subin

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