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Searchme is a search engine. Yes, one would guess, oh here’s another one out to change the way one searches the web. But this one does catch your attention. It displays results in visual format and lets you slide through results using a slide bar in the bottom. The visual effects are appealing, which gives you a impression like as if we are flipping through yellow pages. As you type the categories are auto suggested and placed as icons right below your text box as shown below.

searchme autosuggest

As is evident, the whole site is Flash SWF file. The rich look and feel is driven by Flex and is currently under beta stage. It would take them some time to establish themselves, but their crawlers are already on the sprawl to index the web. You can join their development team by applying to .


Watch the demo videos


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  1. Reply Searchme Jun 24,2008 5:08 pm

    Thanks for posting about Searchme – we really appreciate it! We wanted to
    let you know that we’ve just added this cool new feature called Stacks,
    which lets you collect groups of your favorite web pages and then share them
    via email, web sites, Facebook®, MySpace®, and blogs like yours. We’ve also
    added Searchme Media Search, which lets you search for images or videos from
    Flickr™ and YouTube™.

    Check out our Demo Videos:

    Or check out Stacks in action:


    The Searchme Team

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