Great Indian Developer Show!

India’s first ever Developer summit held recently at IISc, Bangalore, concluded friday night with them giving out developer awards. The event was aptly titled, The Great Indian Developer Summit held between May 19th to 23rd 2008. Yes, it feels great to be recognized as a developer, more so for Indians., Barcamps and this, I think am becoming a conference junkie.

Saltmarch Media, organized the event. The event was spread over 5 days based on 3 main tracks, for .Net, Web 2.0, and Java. All the talks and workshop sessions were based on the above topics. Who’s who in the respective fields had come over to present the sessions and workshops. I had a chance to interact with Jesse James, popularly called as father of Ajax, or as the person who coined the term ‘Ajax’. Also got a chance to have a picture along with him 🙂

Ajo with Jesse James (Ajax)

On the final day post the sessions, the action shifted to Palace Grounds, where a first ever Developer Awards were given out. Before the conference started, a online vote was taken for various categories including best IDE, best configuration management tool etc. The list also had a vote on the top committer to open source projects from India. Some of the names included were, Shreyas ( and Peter Thomas(Satyam). Eventually Peter Thomas went on to win the award. Among others, Oracle tools, Eclipse, MySQL and Microsoft tools were the potential winners in different categories.

This night also marked the Thirteenth (13) year of Java, a huge cake was cut marking the entry of Java into teenage. The show was well anchored by Divya from Saltmarch with lots of fun activities for the crowd and so on. Rock bands Motherjane (Cochin based) and Bhoomi rocked the crowd with their tracks. Overall a satisfying conference experience, well co-ordinated and executed. Looking more from production team in the near future.

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