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Collabnet has added a enhanced merge client to work on top of Eclipse and subclipse. While it replaces the existing merge client given by default in subclipse, it adds quite few features for the merge process.

Every body knows the pain surrounded in an svn merge. No matter how you do it, there’s always a “merge related bug” that props up post a merge. The intention of this client was to simplify the merge process in a wizard fashion. While it does so, a very important feature was done away with: the dry-run feature.

Instead, it expects you to go ahead with the merge type you choose to, and then preview the conflicts and results in the Merge Results view. There is a menu option a called “Undo Merge” given there to let you undo your actions. So all these are done post a actual merge but before you commit the changes back to the server tree.

I got little nervous and uninstalled the feature coz I wanted to preview my merge before i “actually do it”.  And then I bumped into this article on the new merge client, which clarifies the reasons for removing dry-run feature.

Happy merging 🙂

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