Trying out Firefox 4 Beta 4. 1

For a good long time have been a Firefox beta tester. So far, was pretty much settled with Firefox 3.6.x, but now have started to test Firefox 4. So far, the first impression I had was .. “its lighter”. But wait, more on that later.

There is an instant feedback add-on installed with FF4, as simple as “Firefox makes me happy/sad” links.

The rendering engine is better sure. But the big down part of trying new Firefox beat/releases is the lack of support for existing extensions. For me personally, I tend to use extensions with Firefox than say Firefox with extensions! In earlier times, I would just unpack, the xpi files and change the supported Firefox versions. But not right now.

Also, continuing on the observation that this new installation is lighter/faster, I think it goes only as far as installing or enabling all the extensions I use. Yes, no doubt that Firefox is a big memory hogger at times, atleast on the windows platform. My home Firefox(3.6.10Pre on Ubuntu) is much faster I believe.

Will post more updates later.

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  1. Reply Michael Carabini May 4,2011 1:47 am

    Out of the box Firefox has an extensive list of built in development. .Another important feature of Firefox is its standards-compliant rendering. correctly in Firefox usually work reasonably if not perfectly in most other.

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