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Disclaimer : The tips and tricks provided in this blog are purely based on my own experiments and environment setup that I have. They are a result of self try outs and trial and errors. Also it will have solutions I would found scattered in online forums. So its my attempt to provide the possible solution under one roof for easy access through keywords in search pages. I will be giving due credit to the original source in most of my posts.

However, any damages or harmful effects to you , or your company or business, arising out of using my suggestions and fixes will be solely the responsibility of the user. I cannot be held responsible or liable in any such situations. So in simple words, use the tips at your own risk.

Disclaimer II: Niagara Ax tips in this website are sourced from the Open Niagara Ax online community http://www.niagara-central.com/ . A forum where you can ask and resolve Niagara framework related queries.

My interests gadgets, Java, Linux, OSS, Blogging, Movies, Music. Not in any order.

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I Love using Linux. Ubuntu is my current favorite flavor. Every opportunity I get in learning something new, my endeavor would be share it here first. And I love troubleshooting too.

My first experience with installing linux was Slackware (I dont remember the version). It came in floppies and one of them went bust which left my system unusable – This left me excited. My next attempt was using one of the first Linux installer on CD a Suse( version 6 if I remember it correct). For some reason I messed up partitioning and ended up erasing my HDD and left a broken grub or lilo was it? on my MBR. Well, it then stuck! I had never met or played with something as beastly as linux and everytime I ended up failing to do (including a simple task of identifying your monitor) I started getting a hard on. And rest as they is .bashrc_history !!!

My Journey continued with introduction to the Super stable Red Hat series, multiple installations all around and to the point of compiling my kernel atleast 20 times a day during college days. And then I switched to Ubuntu. Well its been fun since, but I cant say as much as it used be in those days. Recently I connected a USB Internet Data card, and the damn thing just started working instantly! Now I would never know what lies beneath!, but hey am not complaining either 🙂

Happy for the Freedom!

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