Ubuntu / Mint / Linux : Convert MKV video files to MP4 3

On Ubuntu / Mint or any other debian platforms we can easily convert mkv video files to mp4 files using the libav-tool . avconv is the replacement for ffmpeg. user@computer:$ sudo apt-get install libav-tool user@computer:$ avconv -i inputfile.mkv -codec copy outputfile.mp4 Further documentation for avconv can be found here.   Source.  

Install Wireless driver For Broadcom BCM4322 in Ubuntu / Mint 22

When I installed Linux Mint 14 on my Dell E6400 Latitude laptop, the Wireless driver was not installed by default. It seems lot of devices with Broadcom chipsets have this problem in linux. On Mint 14, I tried mintwifi , but that did not work as expected. I had the option to connect to internet ...