Duplicate tab for firefox 3.5 3

Until I saw this post , I was sorely missing the duplicate tab for firefox. It was near the top of my most loved firefox extensions till firefox 2.x. The addons page for this extension said it does not support 3.5. Well, and then I learnt 3.5 has a built in duplicate tab feature. Just ...

World record attempted, and I got a certificate!

World record attempted, and I got a certificate!
Around 8 million downloads in 24 hours for Firefox 3, great feat! Get your certificate from here..

Firefox 3 World Record Download Day 2008

A guiness world record day has been planed to mark the official release of Firefox 3. On the day, a record for the most number of downloads for a single software in 24 hours will be attempted. Spread the word around and help FF achieve this unique feat. Signup and pledge here. Experience the Web ...