Cricket Live Scores on your Firefox statusbar! 3

You are a developer and spend lot of time on a browser(and its firefox I presume!!). You can’t always open a cricket scorecard site to view the latest scores. This could for two reasons, one you dont want to be disturbed and the other is you dont want to be caught by others doing this while at work 🙂

With CricScores you can view the current cricket scores on your statusbar while continuing with your work. The scores are pulled from feed.

Cricket Live Scores your Firefox statusbar

Well, I have updated it for firefox 3.* and added it at the link to the install page is here.

3 thoughts on “Cricket Live Scores on your Firefox statusbar!

  1. Reply Samuel L. Apr 22,2009 6:45 am

    This is quite a hot information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

  2. Reply How to Get Six Pack Fast Apr 15,2009 2:18 pm

    I can tell that this is not the first time you write about the topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

  3. Reply Sharky Feb 25,2009 8:19 am

    Dude the add-on aint working. I am running a 3.0.6 Firefox. Other than a “CricketLive!” text at the status bar down right, I have no traces of your add -on on my browser!

    Either I did not configure it right, in which case tell me more on what needs to be done or your add-on is broke!

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